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Diedrich Coffee Roaster For Sale
We have a used Diedrich IR 7 Coffee Roaster for sale. I bought is about 5 years ago. It is a get little table top roaster, along the lines of the current Diedrich IR 2.5TT. Mine is called an IR 7, (seven pounds) but it really works best when you put about 5 1/2 pounds in it. I am not sure how old it is. It is is good working order but the paint has some scratches and the indicator light on the control panel doesn't work.
This unit is propane powered but these units can be set up to run on either natural gas or propane. It will do a lot of batches on a BBQ size propane tank. Not sure how many, but a lot.
The only thing that should be done to this in the near future is a new chain and grears that drive the drum. There is some slack in the one on there now and there is no way to adjust it. It just has to be replaced once per life time. It will probably run for 10 years the way it is, but it should be done someday.  You will find that Diedrich is not much help. They are focused on sales of new machines and are not very responsive when you want help with an old one. It is unfortunate because they make great roasters (I also had an IR 12 in my coffee shop and really loved it).
The trick to keeping these clean is to clean the coffee oil off when the machine is hot using a slightly damp cloth. A previos owner didn't know that and used a wire brush on the dump chute and now it is scratched. Works fine, but not cosmetically perfect.
The steel table goes with it.
It is supposed to have a 6 inch class 3 vent for fire safety and running it on a proane bottle probably would casue your fire marshall some concern in a commercial space. Class 3 venting is expensive. The vent doesn't run very hot, but, in the event of a roaster or flue fire you need class 3 venting to keep from burning down the building. Look into these things early on becasue they may make the decision for you. If you want to use this in a commercial coffee shop you will need to convert it to Natural Gas, (about $10 for the new jet and you can put it in), plumb in the gas to your roaster location and install a class 3 vent (the one for my IR 12 was $3000.00).
I am asking $6500.00 for the roaster and the table. I like to travel so you might be able to talk me into delivery for the cost of gas.
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