I purchased this set from High Country Gift and Engraving in the Bozeman Mall in 1990.

There are 21 pewter buckles. Each is inset with an authentic Yogo Sapphire. Each depicts a Montana
inspired image including the State Seal, gold mining, etc.

There are 3 series of buckles.
1) The Wildlife Series has 8 buckles.
2) The Places Series has 5 buckles.
3) The Industry Series has 8 buckles.

2500 of each buckle were produced. The buckles are numbered. Each buckle in this set is number 50 of
2500. The first 49 of each buckle were property of the State and were given away as gifts. Number 50 of
each buckle was the first available to the public. This is a complete set of all 21 buckles, each being number
50 of 2500. Extremely rare because these buckles were produced and marketed one buckle type at a time.
For example, all 2500 state seal buckles were made, then all 2500 of the elk buckles, the all 2500 of the bear
buckles, and so on.

While these were new the elk, bear and state seal buckles traded for as much as $1500 each,  making it
difficult to keep the set together. But now, almost 20 years later, this set is on the market.

Complete Set: $2500.00 USD

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